Will shanks and luffy meet again


Jul 07, 2022 · Luffy receive Shanks’ straw hat. Shanks is an Emperor, the captain of the Red Hair Pirates, and a former member of the Roger Pirates. Luffy first met Shanks in his hometown of Foosha Village when he was seven years old. The two get on extremely well and have equal intrigue and admiration for one another..

When will shanks meet luffy again? My theory about it! Theory spoiler. Okay so we all know that shanks wants to meet luffy when he becomes a "great pirate". We also all know that luffy is now a yonko, one of the greatest ranks in the new world, and shanks stills doesn't want to meet luffy, even though he's so close with him ( chapter 1054 )..





When/If Luffy gives shanks his hat back will he still be Mugiwara no Luffy? So the promise that Shanks and Lucy made about returning the hat, will Luffy still be called Strawhat Lupe after he returns it? Or do you think he won't return it to Shanks or pass it on to someone else? ... Shanks will probably die before they meet again. He is the.